Mario Moncada di Monforte
Mario Moncada di Monforte was born in Palermo on 9th June 1935 to the family Moncada which had given three Viceroys to the history of Sicily and has been related to many European royal families over the centuries. (As it can be seen in the family genealogical trees).

Training and professional activities

In 1959, he graduated in law and then specialized in administrative techniques at Bocconi University, Milan.
He was trained professionally at the Olivetti, where he worked for eleven years and was formed culturally in the special atmosphere created by the humanism of Adriano Olivetti and by the social and cultural commitment of Paolo Volponi.

Admitted to Lawyers in 1962.

Admitted to Register of Auditors in 1995.

After leaving the Olivetti in 1967, he founded and directed in Sicily the first Sicilian companies in information technology and computer graphics for forty years.

Cultural activities

He is a founder and Board member of “Save Palermo” a non-profit foundation for the protection of the cultural heritage and the environment of Palermo.
He is a founder and Board member of the Association “Friends of the Theatre Massimo,” which promotes the appreciation of opera, of which the Teatro Massimo of Palermo is famous.
He was the President of the Club Unione of Palermo, founded in 1750, which is among the most prestigious clubs in Italy and Europe.
In Ivrea he came in contact and appreciated the culture of Judaism which was the religion of the Olivetti family. He became deeply interested in the studies of geopolitics and since then he has published several essays concerned with the problems of the relationship between the West and the Arab world and, in particular, the problems caused by way of being of the State of Israel:

  • West without a future (1998), which describes the causes of the gradual “deconstruction” demographic, economic and cultural life of the West, already in progress.
  • Israel: the End of Hope? (2002), which raises many questions about the political and cultural failure of Judaism in Palestine.
  • War on Terrorism? (2003), which disputes the usefulness of the preventive wars launched by the U.S. as a reaction to the collapse of the Twin Towers on 11 September 2001.
  • Parallel Lives: Giuseppe Mazzini and Osama Bin Laden (2005), which historicizes the revanchist actions of Bin Laden comparing them to those of Giuseppe Mazzini, the hero of the Italian Risorgimento.
  • Israel: A Failed Project (2009), which documents the reasons why the project of an exclusively Jewish State in Palestine has no future.
  • Israel, a racist state (2010) which documents the racism of Zionist State not only against Palestinians but also the Sephardic Jews.
  • La terra promessa (2013).
  • La Speranza (2016).

Other essays with focus on Sicilian problems: The Sicilian Nation (1973), The Total Man(1996), Palermo Forward (2000). And an autobiographical novel: The Time of the Hyenas and Jackals (2011).


Clear and resolute books and essays on matters of topical interest. The works of Mario Moncada di Monforte examine key issues, raising doubts and questions that find an answer in the professional and cultural background of the author.